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Summer Sailing


Summer Sailing Program


PROGRAMkidssailing.jpg MISSION: Learn the art, science, and joy of sailing from patient, encouraging professionals.


This class focuses on having fun while learning the basics of sailing, including identifying wind directions, rigging, launching, sailing a straight course, tacking and jibing around a buoy, and of course recovery from capsizing and safety. 

Students will learn to tie knots, identify boat parts, navigation, points of sail, and sail trim.  In addition, they will learn to assist others, develop teamwork, boost self-confidence, and learn to treat their equipment with respect. 

Upon bad weather days the students will focus on water safety, knots, navigation, terminology, and general seamanship skills.  Classes will be held in fair or foul weather.

Sessions are Monday- Friday mornings from 8am- 1pm

Lunch will be served to all sailors every day from 12 noon- 12:45pm

Early registration is highly recommended! Only 25 sailors can be accommodated per week!

IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARENTS: Student sailors may not be left unattended at the Boat Club therefore it is imperative that parents or guardians keep track of time and pick up their children no later than 1pm.  Repeat late offenders will be charged a fee.  The instructors are there for instruction and safety not to babysit.

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